Ryan Creamer

Innocently scrolling through porn hub, looking for something to assist me in my daily play session….And I stumbled onto a video featuring Ryan Creamer... while he’s quite attractive, the only thought that came to mind as I watched, was, WTF!!! Where’s the porn!!

Yep… he uploads videos to porn hub with NO porn!!!!! Who does that! That should be %100 against their rules!

Luckily they are funny, with titles like, I Deliver You a Pizza and Don’t Put My Weiner in It” and my all time favorite, “I Do The Dishes Without Being Asked” LOL


Ryan Creamer is a 26 yr. old Comedian and writer for CollegeHumor. He started these videos for his own amusement and apparently everyone else finds them amusing too… as he’s gone viral across social media platforms. 

I have to admit it made me laugh a little… 😉


Click Here to watch more Punishment 3D!





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