Strange Shit

I’m in love with a roller coaster

3/15/2021 – I’m all for others falling in love. Love doesn’t really work for me, but I do love to see others in love!  Though I guess love has no boundaries. Meaning you can fall in love with anything. For example, Gaelle Engel of France is in love with a rollercoaster.  She even claims the […]

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Fuck boy/girl….

Ever encounter that guy or girl, that strings you along… Giving you exactly what you need, attention, sex, flirting, or even an amazing date. While you will believe the two of you have connected and this is something real, he/she will also blow you off when they aren’t in the mood to ‘give’ to you […]

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Sex Dolls

There are so many strange fetishes in this world, but I recently saw a story about a man that married a sex doll and I had to know more!   Sidore Kuroneko is a sex doll who is married to Davecat.  Sidore was created by Abyss Creations and has all of the lovely curves of a […]

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