Sex Dolls

There are so many strange fetishes in this world, but I recently saw a story about a man that married a sex doll and I had to know more!  

Sidore Kuroneko is a sex doll who is married to Davecat.  Sidore was created by Abyss Creations and has all of the lovely curves of a real woman. Most of these dolls are created with all the anatomically correct parts, tongues, and any size breasts you like. Davecat obviously cannot legally marry Sidore, but they both wear wedding bands. 

Davecat runs a blog about dolls and has appeared on the TLC show My strange addiction.  Davecat has a second doll he claims is his Mistress. She’s Elena Vostrikova. The three live in a one bedroom apartment in South Eastern Michigan.

My sex doll is so much better than my real wife

Masayuki Ozaki bought a sex doll, because he claims that the spark had left his marriage. Ozaki is still married and his wife puts up with him and his sex doll… he even takes the doll on dates in a wheelchair, dressed in sexy outfits and wigs… claiming that he is disgusted by human relationships. 

Ozaki plans to be buried with his plastic lover when he dies. 

And then there is James, a 58 year old engineer who has been married for 36 years, but has a doll lover. He has a full relationship with a 5 foot tall blonde doll. He even claims to have sex with her 4 times a week. 


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