Fuck boy/girl….

Ever encounter that guy or girl, that strings you along… Giving you exactly what you need, attention, sex, flirting, or even an amazing date. While you will believe the two of you have connected and this is something real, he/she will also blow you off when they aren’t in the mood to ‘give’ to you or when they are doing these things with others.

This fuck boy/girl behavior can reduce a strong, independent, confident person to a confused, emotional wreck as they show signs of being interested and work hard to make you feel they are, but in reality, they aren’t pursuing YOU. They are simply pursuing attention to make them feel good and will repeatedly blow you off and never view you as relationship material. 

Unfortunately, you may not be able to avoid a fuck boy/girl, before it’s too late, but if you find yourself being strung along like this, the best defense is to walk away and under no circumstances… have sex with them! That gives them even more control!!

No one deserves these type of mind games and changing a fuck boy/girl isn’t possible, they simply want to play games,have sex and move on.  The more you watch for this behavior the better chances you have of taking the upper hand and saving your sanity!

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