Pool Floaty Humper

Edwin Tobergta, was first arrested in 2002 in Hamilton, Ohio for having sex with an inflatable pumpkin at a local Halloween display. And if that isn’t strange enough… In 2008, he was again in trouble with the law for public indecency and was on house arrest.

In 2011, he stole a pink inflatable pink pool raft from a neighbor’s pool…
Went into the alley and proceeded to make passionate love to it. 

The neighbor caught him and called the police and he was arrested. The neighbor actually kept the pool raft.  You would think the owners would burn that damn raft, but no… they kept it and once again that poor pool floaty got molested again.

On July 15th, 2013, he stole the exact same pink raft and tried to make sweet, sweet love to it. 

For fucks sake!!! Did he fall in love with a pool floaty…

Either way… He ended up really fucking up… as he was trying to make love to it while there were children present.

He was arrested, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 11 months in prison. 

Sick fuck….


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