Head Check….

I’m mostly in a state of shock that I even know about this story… It’s that disgusting.

I’m a constant news watcher and while this isn’t really news, it’s no less shocking… You see, this dumb ass 44 yr old guy went to an all men party in the woods…. And I have no idea what possessed him to FUCK A RACCOON… but yep, that’s what he did. 

This fucking idiot actually thought the raccoon would suck his dick. The news reported he was only drinking vodka, but fuck that… this guy had to be high! 

I can spare you the gory details, but, well, he no longer has a functioning penis… dumb ass! The raccoon bit most of it off and then ran away. 

So the moral of the story is.. yea there is no moral, if you are this stupid get the other head checked LOL

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